Manuel Bracchi

One needs to merely look at Manny’s art to see that he is a true talent on the verge of becoming the next great thing. With his versatile and expressive style, he could easily get a job as an animator at Disney Studios. He’s had work published in Mark Millar’s CLiNT Magazine and through Boom! Studios and IDW Publishing, but why Marvel hasn’t scooped him up yet is anyone’s guess. But their loss is FPP and the world of creator-owned and independent comics’ gain. With his ability to draw both humorous and traditional art, he’s the perfect artist for the serialized short Organ Grinder Blues, a regular installment in the monthly Forced Perspective anthology. He also pencils, inks, colors, and letters the irreverent, comedic fantasy Trailer Park Magus, a series that will truly showcase his talent. He can be contacted at

Manuel Bracchi pic.png