“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration,” Thomas Edison was famously quoted as saying. Such was the process when inventing the light bulb, and so, too, is it with any other creative endeavor—including comics

This is a great time to be a comic book creator. Never has it been easier to produce your own stories using the medium and to get them published, both digitally and in print. But with the increasing ease in which anyone with inspiration (and a computer) can create their own comics comes a new problem: How to distinguish your genius from everyone else’s out there. 

There is no shortage of great comic book artists these days, nor shortage of great comic book ideas. Yet it seems, more often than not, a new series bursting with potential will end up falling short in its execution. Anyone can have an inspirational idea… it’s that 99% that’s the rub. 

That is the niche which Forced Perspective Productions strives to fill, helping aspiring artists and writers develop their ideas into unique and viable stories alongside other works by established, published creators. We want the FPP brand, and everyone represented by it, to become synonymous with truly original, visionary, and groundbreaking sequential art. 

Yes, art! 

When the wheel was invented its first use was not for transportation but for the shaping of pottery.  It took someone looking at its application from a different angle for it to become the significant leap in technological advancement we all use today. At FPP we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, just approach it from a new perspective. There is so much that can be done with the comic book medium that has yet to be explored. We want to produce works that are avant-garde and experimental, literate and cerebral, provocative and informative, all without sacrificing the fun escapism of more traditional comics. We’re setting out to prove that comics can be just as legitimate an art form as any other, and, as well as entertain, can also be a powerful medium for political, social, and philosophical commentary. 

Not everyone will “get it,” and that’s fine. I’m sure only a handful of people could wrap their heads around the wheel at first, too. But if you are one of the few who do get it, be sure to get a copy of (see PANELS) now. And rest assured, a lot of perspiration went into creating it. 

Ian David Jones 

Writer/FPP Founder