FPP is always looking for new “visionaries” to work with. Whether you are an established creator or just starting out, we offer a more hands-on approach to our collaborations. Most comic book companies and publishers will not take the time to help a creator develop their story, even if it’s been accepted for publication. While this artistic freedom may seem ideal, it most often results in a great idea with wonderful potential falling flat. We understand that the craft of writing is a skill that needs to be refined just as much as any other art form, and requires the same amount of education, experience, and practice (as well as talent). Just as an artist would study the human anatomy to improve his or her abilities, there is an anatomy to “story” as well: structure, theme, plot, pacing, dialogue, subtext, symbolism, composition, atmosphere, tension, resolution, all parts integral to a successfully engrossing tale. If you are a writer or artist with a great idea but not sure how best to develop it, FPP can help you realize your vision to its fullest potential. Contact us at

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