Ian David Jones

Writer and FPP Founder Ian David Jones has been telling stories since he was six, gathering around friends, family, and anyone else within earshot willing to listen as he regaled them with tales of aliens, ghosts, and magical creatures. He loved comic books and would later take up drawing but, despite a promising future as an artist, eventually eschewed that to focus on the more “serious” craft of writing prose and film. Meanwhile, he paid the bills by working in the manufacturing and tech industry, taking an occasional class here and there and writing when he could find the time. Twenty years passed and Ian found himself still working in an industry he had no real passion for and no closer to achieving his dream. Then he became a father and, through his son, would rediscover his love for comics. He was astounded at how much the art had improved over the years—the art, but not the writing. After picking up another amazing looking comic just to find the story, yet again, lacking, he decided to try his hand at writing his own comics. That’s when he would finally find his medium. After reading Charles Bukowski’s Post Office, he realized that, even in his forties, it wasn’t too late to pursue his dream. So he quit his job to focus on writing comics full time and began a new chapter in his life. And from that FPP was born.

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