Approtis is the professional name of Fares Zoghlami, a 21-year-old half Tunisian, half British artist and illustrator. He has worked on numerous projects over the past five years, including album designs for the bands The Two Thieves and The Fusion Project, and Illustration and cover design for the books The Titans of Norway and Reiben the Se.

He is currently trying to break into the comic industry and has presented his work in the second issue of the Little Heroes Comics Charity Anthology, and the upcoming Monster Mashup Anthology. He has also attended the local Cyprus Comic Convention as a participant in the artist alley, where he sold his artwork since 2015 and has also displayed his work at multiple small exhibitions.

He has been drawing since a very young age, with the help of his architect dad and because of his ever-present influence, he has adopted a unique appreciation towards incredibly detailed line work. Now that he has access to more professional digital supplies however, his work load has increased, and has slowly shifted from the ever-detailed line work, to a more panelized coloring technique, which he feels he is more suited for. He hasn’t given up on his old ways though, no. He has just found a way to find a harmony with his traditional and digital techniques.

To see more of Fares’ amazing artwork, make sure to check out his portfolio or Facebook and Instagram.